Last updated July 24, 2020

On June 2, 2020, an officer-involved shooting at the Walgreens located on the 1000 Block of Redwood St. in Vallejo resulted in the death of 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa. Mr. Monterrosa’s death was a tragic loss of life, and we understand that the incident has raised many questions in our community, particularly in view of George Floyd’s death and the subsequent protests and civil uprisings across the world. 

Initial media statements have been widely inconsistent with what occurred in the early morning of June 2nd. Here, we will be posting updates to this webpage to provide clear and transparent information directly with the Vallejo community.

As authorities move forward with investigations of the officer-involved shooting, we are committed to providing residents with as much information as possible without compromising the investigations. 

The Vallejo Police Department is committed to providing the best possible police service for our community and we understand that as police officers, we are held to a higher standard due to the responsibilities we hold. Know that we are listening, and that we care about your feedback. If you have questions or inputs you’d like to share with the City and our department, please contact us at [email protected].

Critical Incident Video Release: 



2021-09-14 - Secret Service Drone Report

2021-09-14 - Drone Video Files

2020-07-24 - Walgreens External Camera Footage - June 2, 2020 (Video File & Player)

Critical Incident Updates:  

2020-07-17 - Press Release - CA State Attorney General to Conduct Investigation into Alleged Destruction of Evidence in June 2nd OIS

2020-07-17 - Press Release - City of Vallejo Calls on District Attorney to Complete Investigations

2020-07-15 - Press Release - City Seeking Criminal Investigation in Destruction of Evidence

2020-06-10 - Press Release - Vallejo City Council Calls on Attorney General to Investigate June 2 Officer-Involved Shooting

2020-06-05 - Press Release - City of Vallejo to Request Independent Investigation by California AG

2020-06-03 - Press Release - Vallejo Police Department Issues Statement on June 2nd Officer Involved Shooting